Sunday, August 11, 2013

Contents of the Truth About Abs Training

What you get out of Truth About Abs training program is not just weight loss and a beautiful body but a complete lifestyle change.

Chapter 1 gives you a general introduction and highlights the contents of the other chapters. 

Chapter 2 is about "Relative Body Fat or Leanness". The need to keep your body fat low and the way to determine the amount of fat in your body are explained here. 

Chapter 3 is the most important in this eBook as it defines the whole plan for conditioning the stomach muscles. In essence, it indicates how to get started with the real abs training. It explains the structure of the abdominal muscles and the right way to position your body and also the right kind of abdominal exercises and so on.  

In Chapter 4, everything you need to know about dieting and weight loss is outlined. The do's and don’ts as also the metabolic rate and lean body mass are clearly explained.  

Chapter 5 is sub-divided into smaller sections that discuss the influence of metabolic processes on abs workout and a comparison of single-joint and multi-joint exercises. The methods of training for a lean body are also explained here. 

The sixth chapter is about free weights in comparison with mechanical tools and this is a very vital part of any weight reduction program. Cardio and its associated problems are discussed in one of the sections.  

The last chapter of the Truth About Abs eBook involves a detailed discussion on the length of the training sessions and their frequency. You can also get answers to any question that you may have in the FAQ section.   

The outstanding part of this program is that Mike Geary is an expert fitness trainer who stresses the usefulness of the various exercises detailed in this great eBook. Here you'll also find him busting a few myths like the need for a lengthy cardio for a trimmer tummy.  

Mike Geary offers great support to his customers by showing them the golden path to a trimmer and healthier body. The rave reviews of many of the users of his training program Truth About Abs endorse this fact. 

If you want to see real results within a short span of time, go in for Truth about abs by Mike Geary and you won’t be disappointed.


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